How to communicate your vision on a film set || Bradford Young
Director of Photography Bradford Young
Wes Anderson’s Shots: Deconstructed by cinematographer Robert Yeoman
Director of Photography Robert David Yeoman, ASC
Capturing the reality in cinematography || Barry Ackroyd
Director oof Photography Barry Ackroyd
Film Case Studies
The cinematography of Edgar Wright and Hot Fuzz || Jess Hall || Case Study
Director of Photography Jess Hall ASC, BSC
Film Case Studies
The Cinematography of Gandhi || Billy Williams || Case Study
Director of Photography Billy Williams OBE, BSC
Working with LUTs || Ben Davis
Director of Photography Ben Davis, BSC
Cinematography in space || Terry Virts || Spotlight
Toni Myers, Film Director
Working with Anamorphic Lenses || Dan Mindel || Spotlight
Director of Photography Dan Mindel ASC BSC SASC
Deconstructing Cinematography
Citizen Kane & Apocalypse Now || Geoff Boyle || Deconstructing Cinematography
Director of Photography Geoff Boyle NSC FBKS